Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sleek Sunset Palette swatches

I have just discovered the British makeup line called Sleek. I have heard about them from one of DulceCandy's videos, but since they weren't available in my country I didn't really pay attention. Then, a few months later this site caught my attention. I was shocked that they carried Coastal Scents, Barry M and Sleek. They are Hungarian so I wouldn't have to worry about the online payments and the shipping time, I got the products the next day! How awesome is that?
Funny story I wasn't even planning to buy the Sleek palettes, but the site held a summer themed makeup competition and one of the criterias was to use at least one Sleek product. I wanted to enter so bad, and the palettes weren't expensive at all, so I figured why not. Actually, I just forgot to enter, I got so busy with school, but I ordered the Sunset palette anyway.
When I got it the first thing I realized that it was small. Then I swatched some of the colors and my mouth fell open. They are super super pigmented! Let's see some photos, shall we? 
 They are quite small and come with 12 super pigmented colors
 Here are the colors taken without flash. I have already used them please excuse the messy surface
 Top row swatches. I didn't use a primer, they are this bright on my bare arm. Crazy huh? Especially the orange color
Oh and this much color comes from only one swatch. Without primer. The pink shimmery kinda reminds me of allthatglitters from MAC...

I love the orange and shimmery yellow combination for a sunset look. I put the yellow on my entire lid, concentrating on the inner third, then apply the orange on my outer third, then blend them so you get this setting sun look. Then I use the blue to line my upper lashline. It kinda looks like a setting sun over the ocean. Haha sounds cheesy but it's actually not that extreme. I was actually planning to enter the contest with this look. They said that the entries can be wearable, and I'm not that creative when it comes to extremes. 

So what do you guys think? Would you give Sleek a chance? Have you used them before?

(I actually have three more palettes, but I didn't want to put them here yet since I made so many pictures, I didn't want a picture overload. I have to admit, I'm not so smart when it comes to computers, I didn't know how to insert these links that take you to another page to view more pictures... Haha I'm kind of embarassed :P )


  1. Yeah I know right? Come back soon because I'll have swatches from the limited Monaco palette and the Storm palette as well ;)