Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monday Poll from

I usually never answer the Monday Poll on Karen's website, called, but this week's had a great question I wanted to share. So here it goes.

   Great! I just had a midterm paper and I did a good job.

2. My most memorable Halloween costume
    In my country, we don't really have Halloween as a tradition. The 31st of October is just like another autumn day. We have 1st of November as a national holiday. But naturally, we are all aware of the traditions of Halloween, so me and my friends decided to do something crazy. I was 13 or 14, but very far away from maturing. I put on my Mom's wedding dress, painted my face white with big dark circles, and the corpse bride was born. (Which is stupid because she is already dead :-P) My friend who had short hair was the corpse groom, and my other friend was the corpse priest. With full on makeup and costumes. My brother had a dragon costume, so he was the corpse pet I guess? We were walking in the streets for at least two hours.  I live in a very small town where everybody knows everybody, so it was kinda risky that someone would actually report us to the police for being disturbing.

3. Who knows you better than anyone else?
   My mom and very close friends

4. One thing you do when you get off work/school.
   Watch some HIMYM. Dunno why I do this, but it always cheers me up.

5. An awkward movie watching experience with your family.
   The sex scenes! I can't recall one memory in particular, but the sex scenes, or the passionetly-making-out sessions are always awkward to watch!

6. How many times you've been in love?

7. Which game you'd like to be a contestant on?
   Dancing with the stars! A good way to loose weight. Or, if I had the talent, definitely X-factor.

8. Your fitness routine
   30 minutes of cardio first to start burning the fat, then whatever I feel like doing. Usually 15 minutes abs workout, 15 mins on a machine I forgot the name of. You sit inside, and you open and close your legs. 

9. Favorite Halloween trick or treat
   We don't have Halloween here :-(

10. Weekly goals
   Study study and study! And trying to go to the gym at least 3 times.

Haha I had so much fun answering the questions, especially the second one. Good old memories :-)
Who is as crazy as I am? XDXDXD