Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Comparing Lancome and Estee Lauder eye creams

So here is a review/comparison of two very famous eye creams, the Lancome Génifique and the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye. I had the chance to try them both I believe I have used each for 2-2 months. 
The Advanced Repair came out first (in my country at least) and they were selling them in sample sizes. I didn't plan to purchase it first because here comes a fun fact. In Hungary they don't really give you samples. I haven't tried asking for samples however, but I also haven't seen or heard anybody doing it. Never in my life. (Somebody correct me if I'm wrong). Long story short I went to the Store to get maybe a concealer I don't remember, but I got sample Estee Lauder bag as a gift. It had the Advanced Repair eye cream, an Idealist serum and a Hydrationist moisturizer. So I started using them (or testing them). 

First of all, I wasn't ooooh aahhing from the results if there were any. It has a strong herbal smell which bothered me first but I was so convinced that it would do miracles to my horrible undereye circles that I used up the whole sample tube. Or what's that, a pot. I even ended up buying a gift set just because it contained another sample Advanced Repair cream. So I have gone through 2 sample pots alltogether. 
My opinion? Didn't see any results at all although I used it religiously morning and night.  Let me just say that my dark circles are pretty stubborn. I haven't yet found a cream that would make them go away. Heck I sleep 8 hours and drink water like crazy. I don't even go out or stay up late often. Whatever, I have learnt that they won't go away, I can only make them less visible. Which that product has failed to do. 
I don't really go into texture or packaging, what really matters to me is the effect. If they proved that mashed potatoes make dark circles disappear, I would put that under my eyes definitely. 
One thing I have to mention is the price. It is expensive! For me these two samples were fine I paid like 30 dollars alltogether for them, but I would have regretted buying the full size cream.I'm happy I didn't. 

Moving on to Lancome.

Now this experience was somewhat better, but still not enough for me. I'd say neutral.  I have used up one full size pot for about a month and a half. The cream itself doesn't have a distinguishable smell. At first I have noticed some fading and I was sooo happy. But then came the exam period and my dark circles got darker and this cream just made them more visible. I didn't stay up until 3am or whatnot, I didn't even change my lifestyle I guess I just stressed a little more. I don't have much to say about this product, I would definitely have tried to use it more, or even buy another bottle to keep testing. But the price. I didn't want to risk another failure so I moved to Avon's eye cream which looks like this.
I just state this first: I LOVE this product! It fades my dark circles just enough so I can cover them completely with concealer. It has a cream for under your eye, and a gel for your upper eye. How cool is that? Upper eye gel? For those of you who have oily lids, it's a perfect choice. It fixed my broken capillaries as well. 
So the conclusion is that I wouldn't buy either the Estee Lauder or the Lancome eye creams again. They are too expensive for me to just play around with them. I am fully satisfied with this Avon cream right now.
Have you ever tried any of these products? What do you think?

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