Monday, June 27, 2011


I just came home from a shopping trip! I haven't been buying anything lately, I was  busy with school but now schools's over, time for the summer holiday to begin!
I went to this outlet store where you can get brands like Mango, Gant, Replay, Adidas at discount prices. I found such great deals that I was literally jumping when I saw the price tags. Oh and I found the most amazing heels for summertime, I will post pictures lately because it's amazing. I believe it was around 30 dollars or 5900 HUF. It's black with super high combat like platforms and the straps remind me of the gladiator style. I also got 2 very casual shirts for summer. Then I saw that JPress had a huge sale, underwear was 4 dollars each, so I had to get some, right? :) I'm kind of on a budget so I didn't want to buy anymore, but then my friend suggested that we take a look at her favourite vintage slash second hand shop. Yes, I love these shops last time I was there I bought 10 shirts for like 20 dollars. Most people think that they can only find trash in these shops. Truth is, most of these clothes are old and out of fashion like woa. You really have to dig in to find the good pieces. But when you do, beware it is easy to get addicted. I have found my beloved Mango and H&M cardigans there which I wore all winter. Anyway I went there and and left with four handbags. Yikes. I bough one for my mom and two for my grandmothers so I didn't really feel guilty. They were 10 dollars each. 
God I love bargains so much <3
Is that how all of you feel after finding good deal? Well I did :)
Here's just a random picture of my dog Kiba. He was named after the Naruto manga character, Kiba the wolf herder. German shepherds are often associated with wolves that's why I chose this name. Plus I LOOOOOVE Naruto. It's my all time favourite anime besides Inuyasha and Full Metal Panic.
Well, the end went a little off topic, I usually tend to ramble a lot. Sorry about that :)

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